New York, NY Planes Collide On Ground, May 1967


New York (AP) -- A small private plane taxied into a runway intersection at LaGuardia Airport Monday and collided with an incoming twin-engined commercial airliner. Two women and a man aboard the smaller craft were killed.
The commercial plane, operated by Yankee Airlines, had 11 aboard, including a pilot and copilot. Nine persons were reported injured.
Among the injured was RUSSELL POMEROY, 38, chief pilot for the airline, which operates between Pittsfield, Mass., and New York.
Port Authority police identified the dead in the private plane as JOSEPH and BARBARA BUCCI of Binghamton, N. Y., and MRS. DAVID L. CAMPBELL of Vestal, N. Y.
CHARLES McMILLEN, 41, of Dalton, Mass., a passenger on the airliner, said the larger of the two propeller-driven planes had just landed when he saw the private aircraft on the runway.
"I thought the plane would turn off," McMILLEN added, "but instead it ran right into us."
Flames erupted in the wreckage after the colllision, which occurred at the intersection of Runways 22 and 13.
Treated at Booth Memorial Hospital in nearby Flushing, Queens, were:
Pilot POMEROY, Lanesboro, Mass.
DOUGLAS ARNOLD, 25, copilot, Richmond, Mass.
RICHARD RICHARD, 40, 6 Bradley St., Plainiview, N. J.
ROBERT SERIO, 32, 345 Marvin Ave., Hackensack, N. J.
PHILIP LEONARD, 46, 244-42 90th Ave., Bellerose, Queens.
The smaller plane, which apparently had just landed from Binghamton, was reported "squashed" by the airliner. BUCCI was believed to have been at controls of the private plane.

The Post-Standard Syracuse New York 1967-05-02