Flushing Bay, NY Plane Overshoots Runway, Dec 1945



New York, Dec. 30 (AP) -- One passenger was killed and 10 other persons were injured tonight when an Eastern Air Lines plane crashed in Flushing Bay near La Guardia field.
The airline said 11 passengers and a crew of three were aboard the Miami-to-New York plane.
The dead passenger was MRS. J. M. SCULLY, 49, of New York City. Her husband, who said she was known in business circles as GRACE TEICHHOLTZ, declared that she was returning home after spending the Christmas holiday with her brother, ROBERT WILLICON at Richmond, Virginia.
Eastern Air Lines at first reported that Rep. CARL T. DURHAM (D-NC) was a passenger on the plane. Later they corrected this to say it was his daughter, CECELIA, who was reporting to work here after a visit to her home.
Attempting to land in a lashing rainstorm, the plane overshot the field and plunged into the icy waters off Riker's Island about a half mile from the field.
Flares Are Dropped.
Police and Coast Guard launches pulled the passengers from the plane, which submerged about 55 feet off shore. A short time after the crash only the tail assembly protruded from the water. A Coast Guard flying boat cruised back and forth over the scene dropping flares.
Eastern said four of the passengers boarded the plane at Raleigh, N. C.; three at Richmond, Va., and four at Philadelphia. The pilot was listed as SAM CAVALIER, 38, of Garfield, N. J., who during the war had flown hundreds of hours with the Army Transport Command on its Florida to South America run.
The line said the co-pilot was RAYMOND E. SHIRLEY and the stewardess MISS NELL TEASLEY, both of New York City.
JOHN GIBBONS, 21, of Buffalo, N. Y. Navy aviation machinist mate, one of the passengers, said the plane bounced twice upon touching the runway and then plunged off the end of the runway into the water.
"All passengers loosened their safety belts and all of us got out through the safety door and into the water," he said. "Some managed to climb on top of the floating plane."
Another Navy man, ROBERT L. HANOSEK, 18, of Buffalo, agreed that the plane "seemed to hit twice, then bounced into the water." He said that he and another veteran climbed on top of the submerging plane and assisted other passengers. He added that as the plane slipped into the bay, all were tossed into the water and were later picked up by the launches.
The airline timed the crash at 9:14 p.m. (EST) and officials said rescue was made within an hour. The plane was due at La Guardia field at 7:30 p.m.

The Morning Herald Hagerstown Maryland 1945-12-31