Albany, NY Airplane Crash, Sept 1953

Official List of Plane Victims.

The following revised list of the 25 passengers and three crew members killed yesterday when an American Airlines Boston-to-Albany plane crashed near Albany, was given to The Troy Record last night by Inspector Joseph A. Sayers of the State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation:

FALLIS FREDERICK MORSE, Middlegrove, Ill., who had a permanent apartment at The Hotel Troy for the last six months, employed by Howell and Co., Washington, D. C.
WILLIAM J. SCHANKEN, co-pilot and first officer of the ill-fated plane, 1654 Pratt Boulevard, Chicago, Ill.
ALBERT F. PRIOR, 46, Upper Beverly Hills, Springfield, Mass., comptroller of the Springfield Armory.
JOHN H. GOLDEN, 52, Bishop St., Mago Point, Waterford, Conn., salesman for the Holstein Products Co., of Rockville, Conn., who was en route to Albany.
VICTOR HEDDBERG, JR., 55, of 68 Oakland Ave., Waterbury, Conn., sales manager of the Screw Machine Products Division of the B. H. Scoville Manufacturing Company, en route from Hartford, Conn., to Rochester.
SVEN REJMER, 4 Beach Ave., Salem, Mass., an engineer for the Sylvania Products, Inc., en route from Boston to Syracuse.
EDWARD A. DION, 11 Beacon St., Boston, Mass.
DONALD E. WHALLEY, 2038 Westfield St., Mass., vice president and director of the Northern Division of the Associated Transport Co., en route to Buffalo.
SAM L. ORME, 37, of 24 Glenwood St., Albany.
MAZ H. SUSMAN, 47, of 61 Warrington St., Providence, R. I., en route to Syracuse.
WILLIAM R. McGOLDRICK, 60 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass., was employed by the Hathaway Baking Company of Cambridge.
MRS. MILDRED MITCHELL, 20 Brant Avenue, Fort Johnson, en route to Albany.
CHARLES A. MITCHELL, her husband, surveyor attached to the Amsterdam Municipal Engineering Department, and was returning from the Lahey Clinic after a medical checkup.
DONALD A. JENSEN, 139 High St., Fairport, N. Y., en route to Rochester.
CARL LEONARD CARLSON, 55, 484 New Park Ave., Hartford, Conn., en route from Hartford to Syracuse.
THOMAS PATRICK, 43 Prospect Ave., Seacliff, N. Y., employed by the Ford Instrument Co.
DR. BYRON C. BRUNSTETTER, 9114 Crosby Rd., Silver Springs, Md., believed to be employed by the U. S. Department of Heath.
IRVIN GINSBURG, 24, of 71 Monadnock Road, Newton, Mass., senior at Syracuse University College of Law, en route from Boston to Syracuse.
FRANK D. RIEHHLE, 32, Maple Ridge Drive, Farmington, Conn., a design engineer for the Pratt and Whitney Division of United Aircraft Corporation.
ROBERT L. NORTON, JR., 31, 29 Blake St., Westboro, Mass., sales engineer, son of the late Robert L. Norton, Boston Post political write; his mother, Mrs. Marion A. Norton, lives at 53 Monmouth St., Brookline, Mass.; en route from Boston to Syracuse.
A. ALEXANDER CLARK, 2535 S. W. 64th Ave., Miami, Fla.
A. ROBERT LaCROIX, about 23, of 29 Locust St., Springfield, Mass., a senior at the University of Michigan Law School, en route from Boston to Ann Arbor to resume studies.
THOMAS J. LOPICCOLLO, 34, of 122 Greystone, Ave., Bristol, Conn., president of the American Research Corporation, en route to Syracuse.
ERIC McRAE CONNETT, about 40, of 229 Linbrook Rd, Springfield, Media, Pa., en route from Springfield, Mass., to Syracuse.
JUDSON W. WEBB, of 929 Glenwood Ave., Waukegan, Ill., salesman for the Cyclone Fence Company.
MISS JANICE THORNQUIST, 24, a stewardess, 5120 Hyde Park Boulevard, Chicago; her father, Ernest Thornquist resides at 618 East Ninth Street, Duluth, Minn.
MRS. LELILEA M. RANDALL, 38 Elro, Manchester, Conn., en route to her former home at Edwards, N. Y.
Capt. JAMES W. STENTZ, 24, of 1947 Spruce Ave., Highland Park, Ill., pilot of plane.

The Troy Record New York 1953-09-17