Calverton, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1926

CALVERTON, N. Y., Aug. 13.---Six persons were killed and ten injured, several seriously, when two engines and three cars of a seven-car Long Island Railroad train were derailed and overturned at a switch Friday night. The cause of the accident was not known.

Engineer WILLIAM J. SQUIRES and Fireman JOHN MONTGOMERY, both of Greenport, in the lead engine, were among those killed.

The four passengers killed were identified as H. L. FISH of New York and East Marion, J. R. WAYE of Greenport and GEORGE A. SCHUFORD Jr., 3 years old, and DOROTHY LOUISE SCHUFORD, 1 year old, the children of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Schuford of Asheville, North Carolina.

At midnight Mrs. Schuford was still pinned in the wreckage, while efforts were being made to release her with the aid of acetylene torches. Her negro maid was removed from the wreckage after a leg was amputated.

Mrs. Schuford is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Angel of Brooklyn, who met her at the Pennsylvania Station in New York. They were accompanying her and her children to their summer home on Long Island. Mr. and Mrs. Angel were slightly injured.

Both locomotives were battered and twisted into a mass of wreckage, but the crew of the second engine escaped injury by leaping to safety. The first of the passenger coaches, a parlor car, buckled upward and crashed down through the roof of a pickle cannery alongside the tracks.

There was no fire and passengers were able to make their way out of the cars through doors and windows.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 14 Aug 1926