Burgoynes Cove, NF (near) Bomber Crash, Mar 1953

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St. John's, Nfld., March 19 (UP) -- A medical team which reached the wreckage of an American B-36
atomic bomber on an upcoast island late last night reported "no survivors sighted," the northest air command announced today. The giant plane carried 23 men, including a U.S. Air Force general.
The medical team moved overland from nearby Fort Pepperell Air Base to the crash scene on bleak Random Island and radioed the terse report at 9:30 p.m. EST, command spokesmen said. The team decided to await daylight before making a further search and had not reported further as of 8:30 a.m. EST, today.
Fishermen who were first to reach the bomber late yesterday reported they had recovered seven bodies. The medical team did not report whether any more had been located.
"It was too dark for the team to make a thorough search of the area," a northeast command spokesman said. "It's rugged country and we have no idea when the men will be able to make a complete report."
A spokesman said the command had received "a strictly unofficial report" that the B-36 had exploded. He refused to elaborate when asked whether the reported explosion occurred in flight or when the plane crashed.
Air Force spokesmen at Rapid City, S.D., where the plane was based, early today released the names of 18 of the men aboard the bomber and said they were considered "missing."
The public information officer at the Rapid City base said one of the passengers aboard the bomber was Brig. Gen. RICHARD E. ELLSWORTH 41, commanding officer at the base. The ship was
from the 28th Strategic Reconnaissance wing based at Rapid City and was en route home from Lages Air Force Base in the Azores on a routine training mission.
Air Force officials said a full list of those aboard the bomber would be released after relatives are notified, probably late today or tomorrow. The pilot was identified as Capt. JACOB PRUETT, JR., whose wife lives at Rapid City.
The $3,500,000 bomber crashed near Trinity Bay on the east coast of Newfouland after reporting by radio that two engines had failed.A B-36 is built with six engines, although some models in addition have four auxiliary jet engines.
The Royal Canadian air force sent two rescue experts to parachute to the crash scene near the fishing village of Burgoynes Cove. Three ground parties also were dispatched.

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My Father was among the first to arrive at the scene.

My father was among the first to arrive at the scene. He did not talk about it much, but he told me several times of the horrible scene he had witnessed that morning. I have been to the site, and over 50 years later, and the you can still feel the deep sadness of the souls that were lost. May they forever rest in peace.


My mother told me my oldest brothers father was a pilot in Rapid City SD. he died in 1953 a plane crash I thought I remembered the name Robert Bolte but not sure if that was someone I was to contact for information or what I really want to find information about him can anyone help me please

He was our Uncle

He was our Uncle

Strange we are all finding

Strange we are all finding each other... I'm 37 years old, and my father is named after my grandmother's brother, Jack Maltsberger... She married into the name Swaney, and my dad, Jack Swaney, still remembers the day in 1953 (when he was 3 years old), when my grandmother told him about the incident (she never cried, except for this, and two two other occasions is what he told me). I plan on visiting her on the 23th of this month, and have contacted her regarding the pictures I have found, if you have any other information, I think it would be delligent to share with my grandmother, who is honestly very keen to say the least. Please email me @ swaney.sam@gmail.com with any info you have, so that I can share... Bless you

give me your mailing address

give me your mailing address and i will send you a video about the crash.

plane crash

dads cousins husband was near the location when the plane hit the mountain. he was in a cabin in the woods cutting firewood for the next winter. they were in the cabin and heard the plane and felt the mountain shake when it hit. I remember him telling the story and he said the snow was up to their waists as 2 of them went up the mountain to see if there were any survivors. i was there about 30 years ago when the only way up was a trail beside a small brook. i seen the parts of the plane on the mountain top spread for miles. there is now a road to the site and a monument. my mother wrote a article for the newfoundland magazine the down homer. Hubert Ivony was one of the 2 people to reach the crash site first. He said it was a terrible site to see. they checked for survivors and found none. the 3rd person in their party went to notify authorities of the crash.

My Grandfather was Capt Stuart Fauhl

I am the Grandson of Capt Stuart Fauhl. My Dad was his only child. My Dad had only just turned three years old when this tragedy occured. My family does not know much of the circumstances, as my Dad has no memories of his father, Stuart, and was raised lovingly by another Air Force man that my Grandma was remarried to after Stuarts' death. Anyone who had family in the crash, or more information about the crash itself, and the crew on board can write me. I'd really enjoy hearing the stories.


My Grandfather was on the plane with your Dad

Dear Mr. Pruett,
My name is Adam Fauhl. I am so very sorry to hear about your Dad Jacob. I am the Grandson of Capt Stuart Gerald Fauhl who died on the plane with your father. I'm 32 years old. I have two Sisters who are Stuarts' Granddaughters. Cory, and Emily. My Dad, Alan, is still alive. He also was only very young when this tragedy struck. I believe he was 3 at the time (Had just turned). He has no memories of my Grandfather. My Grandmother Wanda Chadwick (Formerly Wanda Fauhl), remarried Lt Colonel Junius Chadwick (Also Air Force) about two years after the crash. Junius was a great man. He fathered my father, and had two other children with my Grandmother Wanda. He was my Dad's Dad, and me, and my Sisters' Grandpa, and a very good one at that. My Grandma Wanda, and my Dad, were very lucky to have him, and my Sisters and I as well. However, because of the fact that my Grandma remarried, and my Grandpa Chadwick took my Dad in, and raised him as his own, very little is known about my Grandpa Stuart. It was never discussed much. I think largely in part because it was such a painful subject for my Grandma, and also out of her respect for my Grandpa Chadwick. Nonetheless, my Grandma Wanda, and Grandpa Chadwick have been deseased for years now, and it has often left me wondering (And my Dad as well) about what my Grandpa Stuart was like, and what he would've grown to be had this event never have taken place. I'm a fairly sentimental person, and knowing this, my Dad gave me Grandpa Stuart's High School class ring, and one of his Military badges. From what I understand, I believe he was wearing it in the crash, which gives it extra special meaning if this is actually true. Our family still owns the property, and house that my Grandpa Stuart grew up in. My Great Grandma Fauhl (Stuart's Mom) died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 102, or somewhere thereabouts. She never sold the property, and my Dad inherited it as he was Stuarts' only child, and my Great Grandma's only Grandson, as Stuart was an only child. It is a quaint property, and I've been there a few times. Our family grew up in Helena, Montana, but I live in Missoula, MT now. However, we've made trips over there from MT throughout the years. It was very cool because when my Great Grandma Fauhl was still alive, she had childhood toys, amongst other old items, that had belonged to Stuart during his life. As much as my Dad, loved my Grandpa Chadwick, and as much as he always considered him his Dad, I do know that my Grandpa Stuarts' death did leave a void in his heart. Anyway, please do contact me, and tell me your story. I would really like to know it. Also, if you know any other details about the crash itself, please do tell. All we really know is that they think that everyone died on impact, plus the things the previous article on this page discusses, but we were under the impression that the plane had flown into the mountain due to bad weather, and low cloud cover. I had never heard of the engine troubles, and I'm wondering if you know if there was an explosion on the plane before it crashed? Do you think the crew was aware that the plane was going to go down beforehand? Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. I will talk to my Dad tomorrow on Father's Day, and ask him if would be willing to write you. I'm not sure how he'll respond. Hopefully, he will though.

Adam Fauhl.

B-36 Crash in Newfoundland in 1953

Hi Jacob,

My father, Orien F. Clark was on the B-36 with your father when it crashed in 1953.

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much it can affect your life.

My mother, and I am sure yours as well, was devastated by my father's death. I do not believe she ever fully recovered from it. She died in December 2010.

I was 3 and my sister was 6 at the time. We have very few memories of our father.

I understand that they had 2 engines on fire that night. The B-36 was known for its poor engines. Maintenance in the Services was, at best, poor during this period. There was a B-29 crash the same week.

My nephew told me a few years ago he wanted to visit the crash site. I hope I am in good enough health when I retire to go with him.

I wish we had "connected" sooner. I would like to know anything you might know about your father and the crew.

Best regards

Lt Clifford Bransdor

Clifford Bransdor was my uncle he served during WW IIand 34 combat missions over Germany from 44 to 1945. I would like further info you might have on this crash.

David Bransdor