Saluda, NC Cargo Plane Crashes, Feb 1948


Saluda, N.C., Feb. 7 -- (AP) -- At least three men, probably four, were killed and six injured late today when an air force C-47 cargo type plane crashed in a fog into Mount Page two miles from here.
Deputy Sheriff Foy Wall of Hendersonville said the front portion of the plane was so badly burned it was impossible to tell immediately whether three or four men were cremated in it.
The six injured were taken to Patton Memorial Hospital at Hendersonville. A survivor said nine soldiers and one sailor were aboard.
Wall said neighbors in the vicinity pulled the six men from the burning plane.
Seaman 2-C THOMAS GAMBLE, 19, of Columbia, Ala., just discharged from the Navy and en route home, related the plane left Washington, D.C., this morning. He said he didn't know where the plane was scheduled to land.
The Greenville Air Base reported an investigation was being made and no further information was available there.
The flight plan in the plane showed it was from the Greenville base and had gone to Washington's Bolling Field on the ferrying trip and was returning to Greenville.
Wall, among the officers who investigated the crash, reported the big four motored ship sheared through trees on the mountainside for 300 feet before plowing into the ground and bursting into flames.
GAMBLE was the least injured of the six survivors. He reported none aboard had a chance to parachute to safety, since the crash came unexpectedly in the fog.
Saluda is about half way between Greenville, S. C. and Asheville, N. C.

Florence Morning News South Carolina 1948-02-08