Fayetteville, NC Tornado, Dec 1964


Fayetteville, N.C. (AP) -- A tornado struck near Fayetteville, N. C., Saturday and the Weather Bureau issued a severe weather warning that included North Carolina and South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia.
The severe weather warning included the possibility of tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail and locally damaging winds from 1 to 7 p.m. along a 60-mile swath extending from Atlanta to 30 miles north of Florence, S.C.
The Weather Bureau said the tornadoes were spawned by the unseasonably warm weather and the advent of colder air entering the area.
Strong gusty winds and colder temperatures were predicted for the state Sunday.
MR. and MRS. W. B. PARKER and a grand-daughter were caught beneath wreckage but not seriously injured when a tornado ripped through the frame structure nine miles north of Fayetteville Saturday morning. A neighbor who rescued them said their escape was "miraculous."
After destroying the PARKERS' fruit store, the twister ripped into a wooded area, damaging some trees and disappeared.

Gastonia Gazette North Carolina 1964-12-27