Shelby, NC Buildings Collapse, Aug 1928



Shelby, N.C., Aug. 28 -- (AP) -- Six persons were known to have been killed and several more were injured when three buildings in the business section collapsed here today. Several others known to have been in the buildings, are missing.
The known dead are:
MISS ORA ESKRIDGE, an employe of the First National Bank.
ZEB BLANTON, a farmer and his son, CARL.
GUY GREEN and ALEX HOYLE, clerks in the First National Bank.
One unidentified white man.
The buildings that collapsed were the First National Bank, in temporary quarters, GOODES grocery store and a tailor shop. No cause for the collapse was given although workmen were said to have been excavating under the building.
As construction crews worked desperately to clear the tangled wreckage it was feared that the death toll would mount when the basements of the collapsed structures were cleared.
A construction crew engaged in excavating under the buildings was still unaccounted for and little possibility of its escape was seen.
The collapsed structures are the First National Bank, Goode's Grocery store and Hadley's tailor shop. Most of the injured an early check indicated were employes or customers of the bank.
The excavation under the building was thought to have caused the collapse.
The crew doing the excavating was said to have numbered from five to seven men, mostly negroes. MR. HADLEY was thought to have been in his shop and was still unaccounted for after the first check. Hospitals, crowded with injured, were unable to give accurate estimates of the number brought it. In addition, several persons were thought to have been slightly hurt and to have mixed with the crowd after receiving first aid treatment.

Daily Globe Ironwood Michigan 1928-08-28