Elkin, NC Head On Crash Kills Seven, Aug 1959


Elkin, N.C. (AP) - Two automobiles skidded on a curve and rammed head-on early Sunday, killing seven persons and injuring two critically.
A highway patrolman said one car veered to the wrong side of the unnumbered rural paved road eight miles north of here.
The dead were three brothers and their uncle, and another uncle and his nephew, and a teen-age boy. All lived in the vicinity of this northwestern North Carolina town, 40 miles northwest of Winston-Salem.
Highway Patrolman F. L. Mackey said one car skidded 127 feet into the left lane and collided with the other in a crash that rammed the motors into the front seats.
Mackey quoted a woman who lives 100 yards from the scene as saying she heard on car roaring down the road, jumped up to look out a window, saw the collision and heard a thunderous crash.
The three brothers who died were THOMAS MONROE WAGONER, 23, of Ronda, six miles west of Elkin; NOAH GARY WAGONER, 12, of Ronda; and GARLAND BRADFORD WAGONER, 21, of Rt. 2, Elkin. Also killed was their uncle, RANSOM C. WAGONER, 33, of Rt. 2, Elkin, the father of two children.
The other dead were RAYMOND MILLER, 50, of Elkin; his nephew, VAUGHN COLEY MILLER, 28; and ISAAC PHEL SPICER, JR., 17, of Rt. 1, Ronda.
Injured were JERRY LEE WAGONER, 16, of Rt. 2, Elkin, whose three brothers and uncle died; and JOHNNY HOLCOMB, 24, of Elkin.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1959-08-17