Albemarle, NC Auto And Truck Collision, Nov 1957


Albemarle, N.C. (AP) - "There will be no indictments, the drivers of both vehicles were killed. There's no one to indict."
Thus did State Highway Patrol Sgt. Frank Reynolds close the books on an automobile - truck collision near here yesterday that killed five persons and injured two.
Police identified the dead as truck driver DOYLE YOUNG, 21, of Burnsville; automobile driver MADISON G. HOGAN, 43, of Troy; and automobile occupants, MRS. HARRISON REEDER, 27, of Montgomery County; CURTIS H. GREEN, 28, of Troy; and MRS. CALVIN HICKS, of Troy.
Stanley County Memorial Hospital reported today that HARRISON REEDER, husband of Mrs. Reeder was in fair condition after passing an uncomfortable night. He suffered head and internal injuries and broken legs.
The hospital said truck passenger ROY WYATT, 39, of Newdale, was in less serious condition. He was thrown from the truck and suffered a broken leg, a broken arm and head injuries.
The head-on collision occurred on a curve near the Pee Dee River Bridge on N.C. Highway 27, six miles east of here. Reynolds and Patrolman Joe Merrill said the car was on the truck's side of the road.
"There wasn't any place for the truck to go," Merrill said, adding that tire marks showed the tractor-trailer truck had pulled as far to the right as possible.
The patrolmen said there was evidence that the sedan came off the bridge at high speed, rounded a curve and veered to the left of the center line. The impact knocked the front wheels off the tractor and the automobile bounced back about 25 feet.
Albemarle and Montgomery County rescue squads helped extinguish fire which broke out in the truck cab.
Five Catholic nuns and two Montgomery County Negro men were killed at the same spot in 1951 in an automobile collision.

The Robesonian Lumberton North Carolina 1957-11-20