Morehead City, NC Waterspouts, Jul 1911


Series of Seven Ocean Phenomena Seen at Morehead City Yesterday Afternoon.

Special to The Observer.

Morehead City, July 27. – A phenomena seen here this afternoon was a series of seven waterspouts. The guests of the Atlantic hotel and the soldiers at Camp Glenn witnessed the grand sight. At 3:30 a tremendous column of water was seen to rise from the ocean out about four miles, reaching up until finally lost in the clouds. For awhile it was partially straight, then bent and twisted until it apparently absorbed a smaller one, which was forming quite near. People witnessing it could see the sand that was caught up with the millions of gallons of water. The greatest one looked to be 80 or 100 feet in diameter at the base. A hard shower followed and in an hour the sun was shining as though nothing unusual had happened.

Charlotte Daily Observer, Charlotte NC 28 Jul 1911