Camp Lejeune, NC Two Helicopters Collide In Midair, June 1967


Camp Lejeune, N. C. (AP) -- Two large Marine helicopters collided in flight at the nearby New River Marine air facility today and first reports said a number of persons were killed or injured.
A spokesman at the facility said, "We have not determined the extent of casualties. We do know some lives were lost."
The collision involved a HUE-1 helicopter and a CH53-A copter, commonly known as a "Sea Stallion."
The collision occurred over the base at the end of a runway.
Both aircraft were carrying troops.

The Gastonia Gazette North Carolina 1967-06-23




Jacksonville, N. C. (AP) -- The Marine Corps has released this partial list of the 22 Marines killed in the crash of two helicopters at the New River Marine Air Facility Friday:
Cpl. FRANKLIN L. BELL, husband of Christina M. Bell, Rt. 1, Jacksonville, N. C.
Sgt. JOHN F. BORNEMANN, husband of Lynn L. Bornemann of Jacksonville, N. C.
Capt. WILLIAM L. BUCHANAN, husband of Carol C. Buchanan of Jacksonville, N. C.
Cpl. PHILLIP E. DENNON, husband of Brenda J. Dennon of Jacksonville, N. C.
Pfc. BRUCE E. DeROLF, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DeRolf, Sr., Michigan City, Ind.
Lance Cpl. WAYNE E. MONTGOMERY, husband of Cindra L. Montgomery, Geiger Trailer Park, Jacksonville, N. C.
Cpl. MILTON J. PARKERSON, JR., son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Parkerson, Sr. of Springfield, Ore.
Sgt. KENNETH G. ROSS, husband of Peggy C. Ross, Marine Corps Air Facility, New River, N. C.
Lance Cpl. ROBERT N. SMITH, husband of Elanor R. Smith of Jacksonville, N. C.
1st Lt. WILLIAM W. STORBECK, husband of Diane M. Storbeck of Jacksonville, N. C.
Sgt. THOMAS L. WILLIAMS, husband of Pearline J. Williams of Wilmington, N. C.
The Marine Corps said the following men are in critical conditions:
Cpl. GARY P. LINICK, husband of Catherine Linick of Jacksonville, N. C.
Hospital Corpsman 3C CHARLES E. NIGHTINGALE, son of Raymond E. Nightingale, St. Paul, Minn.
Lance Cpl. JAMES J. SPENCE, stepson of John L. Ellis of Kissimiee, Fla.

The Gastonia Gazette North Carolina 1967-06-24


My Great Uncle Phillip Dennon

My Great Uncle Phillip Dennon was on one of the choppers. That is all the information i ever heard my Grandma discuss.


total of 22 marines died 21 in the accident and another injured one at the hospital A total of 13 marines survived the crash. I was corporal of the guard that day and on the ground on patrol under the crash


J.B. Ritter was the lone servier! When the 53 broke in half he was through out which save his life. The huey was part of VMO-6 .I haven't heard from JB in many years.

I also was suppose to be on that flight. Instead my best friend

My best friend switched places with me for grunt school that week and died in that crash, leaving a pregnant wife expecting their first child. His name was Robert Smith. His death has haunted me to this day.

I would like to find any of the servivers and family members who lost someone that day. I would also like to know if any plack or memorial was ever made to honor their death.

One reason for this, is that I am planning a cross country bicycle ride from Camp Penelton to New River. I would like to place a wreath to Remember ALL OF THEM.
I can be reached at & 512-900-0276, I am located in Austin, TX.

Semper Fi
Xavier E. Sanchez

I was supposed to be on that

I was supposed to be on that troop helicopter but due to a lack of time before being discharged I was sent to temporary duty working with the six months reservist coming on active duty for two weeks in the summer in Norfork Va. I think the Marine that took my place may have lost his life, I would like to know for sure. My prayers have gone out for the Marines that lost their lives in this tragic accident. I would also like to get in contact with Roger Ferguson who has commented on this accident because he was the first person I met when I got to New River in March 1966.

witness and names of deceased

I witnessed the helicopter crash on the New River base in 1967. I was outside a quonset hut awaiting my discharge papers and was watching the manuvers in the air. Suddenly the smaller helicopter came up under the CH53 and exploded in a ball of flames.
I was not requested to stay as a witness.
Is there a full list of the names of the deceased somewhere available?