Asheville, NC Battery Park Hotel Fire, Apr 1909

Battery Park Hotel 1909, photo from


Olive Fremstad and Many New Yorkers in the Battery Park at Asheville.

ASHEVILLE, N. C., April 25. - Fire which started in the laundry room of the Battery Park Hotel here early this morning caused about 200 guests to leave the building, clad only in night garments.

During the escitement following the discovery of the fire the electric lights went out, adding to the confusion. Trunks were thrown out of the windows, and some of the guests carried their clothes down stairs in armfuls. The fire was soon extinguished, the damage amounting to only a few hundred dollars.

Among the guests were Mrs. Van Wyck, wife of former Judge Augustus H. Van Wyck; Mrs. James Osborne, wife of a New York lawyer, and Mme. Olive Fremstad of the Metropolitan Opera House.

The Kenilworth Inn, the other large tourist hotel here, was destroyed by fire about two weeks ago, the guests escaping in their night clothes.

The New York Times, New York, NY, 26 Apr 1909


It is said tonight that the damage to the Battery Park hotel laundry which was partially destroyed by fire at 4 o'clock this morning will amount to more than $1,000. The insurance on the entire laundry is placed at $1,500. The origin of the fire is unknown.

The damage to the engine room of the hotel proper will not exceed $300.

The 200 guests of the hotel were awakened when the alarm was turned in, but all returned to their rooms later when it was seen that the hotel itself was in no danger.

The State, Columbia, SC, 26 Apr 1909