Caldwell, OH Airship SHENANDOAH Disaster, Sept 1925

Shenandoah Wreck Site.jpg Wreck of Shenandoah 1925.jpg Shenandoah at her mooring mast, Tacoma, Wash, Oct 19, 1924.jpg Wreck of Shenandoah 1925.jpg OHIO 1925 Shenandoah Dirigible OHIO Shenandoah

Wreck of the Shenandoah ---On 2 September 1925, Shenandoah departed Lakehurst on a promotional flight to the Midwest which would include flyovers of 40 cities and visits to state fairs. Testing of a new mooring mast at Dearborn, Michigan was included in the schedule. While passing through an area of thunderstorms and turbulence over Ohio early in the morning of September 3, during its 57th flight, the airship was caught in a violent updraft that carried it beyond the pressure limits of its helium gas bags. It was torn apart in the turbulence and crashed in several pieces near Caldwell, Ohio. Shenandoah's commanding officer, Commander Zachary Lansdowne, and 13 other officers and men were killed. This included the entire crew of the control cabin (except for Lieutenant Anderson, who barely escaped before it detached from the ship), two men who went through holes in the hull, and several mechanics who fell with the engines.

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