Elyria, OH Lake Shore Train Wreck, Feb 1906

Elyria, Ohio Lake Shore Train Wreck, Feb 21, 1906


Lake Shore Passenger and B. & O. Locomotive Crash Near Elyria.

One Man is Killed and Cars are Piled up in Wreckage.

Special to the Plain Dealer

ELYRIA, O., Feb. 21. -- Engineer James Vigals of Lorain was killed and a train load of people shaken up this evening, when a Lake Shore train crashed into a B. & O. switching engine at the crossing west of this city.  No passengers were seriously injured.

The Lake Shore train, a local passenger, was booming along at forty-five miles an hour as it approached the crossing.  The B. & O. engine was making up a freight train, and there is every evidence that Engineer Vigals had disregarded the crossing block, for his locomotive had been partially derailed by the automatic device.

Vigals was caught under his own locomotive, which was hit fairly upon the cab, his body pinned under it until the wrecking crew cleared the track. Charles Richards of Lorain, his fireman, was taken to a hospital here badly cut, and Gus Herbert of Elyria, fireman on the Lake Shore train, was badly bruised.

Injured Man Won't Take Help.

Engineer John Niehaus of Toledo, who ran the Lake Shore engine, had an ankle sprained, but he would not go to a hospital or accept any attention.  He came to the Lake Shore station here and waited for a train to take him home.

When the collision came the Lake Shore engine, baggage car and one coach jumped the track and tried to pile up.  The other cars remained on the rails and there was little telescoping.  The passengers were more frightened than hurt by the jar, and all continued their journey when the track was cleared.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 22 Feb 1908