Chippewa Lake, OH Stunt Plane Crash, Sep 1933



Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 4 (AP) - RALPH C. WENSINGER, 28, hero of many previous escapes from death in the air, and a student pilot, were killed late today when an airplane piloted by WENSINGER spun into Chippewa Lake, 30 miles south of here, at the conclusion of a Labor Day stunting exhibition.
WENSINGER was known nationally for his work in the United States weather bureau. For two years he made daily flights at the Cleveland airport, regardless of ground conditions, to observe and report on weather conditions in the upper altitudes. He narrowly escaped death several times while making these flights.
SAHOEL VERSAEL, 19, student pilot and employee at the Cleveland Air Service, Inc., of which WENSINGER was president and chief pilot, died in the crash with WENSINGER.

Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1933-09-05