Cincinnati, OH (near) Plane Crashes Near School, Feb 1960

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa CINCINNATI plane crash Champion paper co plane


Cincinnati (AP) - Three men, all pilots, were killed in a nearby village today when their two-engine airplane narrowly missed a school housing 650 children and crashed into a gully.
The dead were identified as CHARLES HAYES, 38, and ROBERT KERN, 35, both pilots for the Champion Paper and Fibre Co., Hamilton, Ohio; and JOSEPH LOCKWOOD, 30, a flight instructor. All lived in metropolitan Cincinnati.

The plane crashed just a few miles from Lunken Airport, where the paper company quarters its five aircraft. John Cressmore, traffic controller at Lunken, said they were on a local instrument-training flight.
The plane, in trouble, passed very close to St. Gertrude's Roman Catholic School in the nearby village of Madiera.
Sister Mary John, the principal said she was standing near a door and saw the plane dangerously close to the building. It passed on, however, and landed in the gully some distance away.
"I went to the public address system and had the children say a prayer of thanksgiving," the nun said. "That seemed to help quiet them down a lot."

The plane burned fiercely from the second it struck. There is only one house in the immediate vicinity.
HAYES, married and the father of five children, had been a company pilot for Champion Paper since 1950. KERN, also married, had been with it since 1954. Both men were graduates of the University of Cincinnati.
Walter Chapman, who lives in the vicinity of the accident, said the plane, coming from the east, had plunged into the gully at full power.
James McCullough, a Cincinnati policeman, said wreckage was scattered over a quarter mile area.

Frank Bailey, 27, a gasoline station employee, said he saw the plane coming from the east. He said the engines suddenly roared and the plane dived downward.
Sister Mary John, principal of the school, said she was standing near a door when she heard and then saw the plane.

The Times Hammond Indiana 1960-02-19