Bellaire, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1891


Pittsburg, Pa., July 31. --- A Bellaire, Ohio, special says: Another horror has been added to the late list of railroad accidents in Ohio. At about 10 o'clock this morning, passenger train No. 4, on the Bellaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati narrow gauge railroad left the track three miles south of Bellaire, two cars being overturned and dragged some distance by the engine. There were 70 passengers on the train and the two cars that turned over in the ditch were crowded with young people from this section. When the train left the track somebody cried out that everybody should cling to their seats, but the shock was so awful, many were hurled from one side to the other. Those not badly injured being terribly shaken up.

Assistance was soon at hand from the other passengers and the trainmen, and when all were finally taken out of the wreck it was found that 14 people had been injured, four of them seriously and one fatally. The train was running, at least calculation, at the rate of 35 miles an hour, and as it reached a curve, the cars were noticed to sway violently and unheeding the cries from the passenger a rush was made for the doors. Many of the frightened passengers had reached the platforms when the cars jumped the rails, and when they turned over in an other minute, these were hurled into the ditch.

The list of the injured is as follows:
JOHN MERTYS, baggage master; hurt internally, badly bruised and will probably die.
CHARLES McELROY; leg broken and otherwise bruised.
WILLIAM McELROY; head hurt and internally injured.
JOHN ERWIN, of Bethel, Ohio, head crushed and scalp injured.
G. P. WILCOX, of York, Pennsylvania; head badly injured.

In addition to these there were many badly bruised, but able to take care of themselves, and this afternoon they went on to their several destinations. Physicians were telegraphed for from this city and Bellaire. They were soon on the ground doing everything possible for those most seriously injured. Tonight all were reported to be in a fair was of recovery with one exception.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1891-08-01