Muskogee, OK Storm, Apr 1908


Special to the news.

Muskogee, Ok., April 21. The greatest rain and hailstorm for the same length of time in the history of this city visited here tonight, and as a result the street car service was out of commission, storm sewers were broken, cellars were flooded, sidewalks washed out, shrubbery was twisted and broken and heretofore water-tight homes drenched.

The rivers are again booming and were rising at a rapid rate at an early hour this morning with every prospect of reaching again the high water mark of a few days ago. In the oil fields lightning played havoc with the tanks and derricks, the district around Kiefer and Sapulpa being the chief sufferers. At least fifteen and probably twenty large tanks of oil were destroyed and eight or ten derricks. In the (illegible) the pool tonight and all the available men are out fightig (sic) the flames. It is estimated that in the Glenn pool alone the loss of oil will amount to $60,000, the heaviest losses being sustained by the Gulf pipe line, Creek Oil Company, Associated Producers and the Brown-Vannieer Company.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Apr 1908