Madill, OK Bomber Crashes, Jan 1943


Salina, Kas., Jan. 7 (AP) -- Nine members of a four-motored bomber crew were killed last night in the crash of their plane near Madill, Okla., on a routine flight.
Lieut. W. E. Deloache, public relations officer at Smoky Hill Army Air field here, home base of the bomber, said the dead were:
Second Lieut. ROBERT SECORD, Cleveland, O.
Second Lieut. JOHN F. HOWELL, Ashville, N.C.
Second Lieut. JAMES H. DYER, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Sgt. RAY E. BALZER, Greenfield, O.
Sgt. KELSEY C. HORNING, Hoisington, Kas.
Sgt. STANLEY J. JAROS, Chicago.
Sgt. JACK BAGGETT, Dublin, Ga., Evanston, Ill.
Sgt. ALBERT L. BAIMA, Chicago.
Second Lieut. S. LIPSMAN, whose home address was not given and who was not a member of the crew, was believed to have been on the plane, but his body was not found. Lieut. Deloache said he may not have been aboard.

Morning Avalanche Lubbock Texas 1943-01-08