Union City, OK Private Plane Crashes, Oct 1955


Union City, Okla. (AP) -- A twin-engine private plane crashed in flames three miles north of here last night killing at least three persons, apparently including the chairman of the Great Lakes Carbon Corp. and his wife.
Company officials in New York said the plane, belonging to the firm, took off yesterday from New York's LaGuardia Airport with MR. and MRS. GEORGE SKAKEL, SR., of Greenwich, Conn. It was bound for Los Angeles.
Also aboard at that time were the pilot, JOE WARREN WHITNEY, 34, Stratford, Conn., and JOHN E. McBRIDE, 31, the copilot. Company records listed McBRIDE'S home as Stratford.
Only three bodies were recovered immediately from the plane wreckage. They were tentatively identified as those of SKAKEL and WHITNEY. The third victim was a woman.
What happened to the copilot remained a mystery.
SKAKEL, 63, had been chairman of the Great Lakes Carbon Corp. since April 1953, when he was succeeded as president by his son, George Skakel, Jr., also of Greenwich.
SKAKEL was a native of Chicago. He and his wife were the parents of seven children.

Paris News Texas 1955-10-04


Another Kennedy tragedy

The Skakels were Ethel Kennedy's parents & Michael Skakel's grandparents.