Oklahoma City, OK Flood, Jun 1932


Community Camp Peopled By Hundreds Of Unemployed, Included In Flooded Area

Oklahoma City, Okla., June 3.--At least two persons were believed drowned and several were reported missing as torrential rains early today sent streams over many outlying sections of Oklahoma City. The flooded area included the community camp peopled by hundreds of unemployed. The Canadian river and several crekes[sic] left their banks after an all-night down-pour which measured six inches.

John L. Kennedy told police his wife had drowned and that the had saved his infant child. The body of another woman was reported on a trestle, which could not be reached because of high water. Four of a family of five were reported missing. The father, marooned in a tree, shouted he did not know what had become of the others. Those in the community camp fled their tent homes. Many destitute families living outside the camp were homeless.

At one time water stood two feet deep in the heart of the business district. National Guard troops were called out for polcie[sic] and rescue work.

One house floating down stream, was roped by police and a family of five rescued. Reports said water was eaves deep near 29th street and South Roberison avenue and that householders were clinging to house tops. Pumping trucks were on duty at daylight in the business section and merchants were there earlier trying to save basement stocks and sweeping water from main from main floors. In the basement of the Huckins Hotel, furniture was floating in four feet of water and there was as much in the cellar of the new First National Bank & Trust Co. skyscraper.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 3 Jun 1932