Durant, OK Auto Accident Jul 1925

Two Durant Persons Hurt in Auto Crashes
Special to The News.
DURANT, Ok., July 4.---Two automobile accidents here Friday resulted in critical injury of one and painful injury of others. WILL HIGHTOWER, 50, is in the hospital, not expected to live, with a crushed skull as a result of his car being hit by another car at a street intersection. Hightower was thrown clear of his car and his head hit on the curb.
The second accident occurred on the highway, fourteen miles northwest of here, when a sedan driven by PROF. J. B. CLAYTON of the Southeastern State Teachers' College skidded on loose rock, turning the car into a ditch. PAULINA PITTS of Boswell and BERNICE OWENS of Hope, Ark., students of the Southeastern State Teachers' College, were badly bruised. Prof. Clayton and family were not injured.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 5 Jul 1925