Bartlesville, OK Flood, Oct 1926

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Deny Death at Bartlesville.

By the Associated Press.

Bartlesville, Ok., Oct. 3.- The Caney River, which all Saturday night was surging around and inundating perhaps a fifth of this city Sunday virtually had had reached a stationary level. It left access from the outside world through one railroad track and the State highway which runs to Pawhuska. A check of rumors of deaths attributable to the flood revealed that they were erroneous. All refugees were comfortably housed, for the most part in private homes.

There was some apprehension concerning a new rise which is expected to reach here at 9 o'clock Monday. Reports from Caney, Kan., to the north, were that the Caney River had risen six feet. How much this rise will affect the river here was problematical. Some persons expressed belief that the additional water might somewhat widen the flooded area, but might not increase the damage greatly.

Reports of rescues include the finding of a motor car stranded in swirling flood water, on the Tulsa highway, by Jim Gardner, patrolman of the State police. He obtained a boat and took out the terrified and drenched occupants whose names were not learned. They included women and children.

A penchant of many persons for duck hunting on lakes of this region proved helpful. Numerous boats also were rushed to the scene by the Phillips Petroleum Company from Osage County.

The boats plied from police and fire headquarters through the night. Pleas for help were received there by telephone, the wire service remaining virtually intact.

Bartlesville - 1,500 homeless heavy property loss, Caney River out.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 4 Oct 1926