Bartlesville, OK Flood, Oct 1926

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Flood Waters Receding

By the Associated Press.
Bartlesville, Ok., Oct. 4. - Flood waters from the Caney River which left hundreds of persons homeless in Bartlesville and along the course of the river, were gradually receding Monday after having submerged many blocks of residences and business buildings.

Relief workers estimate that approximately 150 refugees are being cared for at churches civic buildings and business places, while the number of persons who are being cared for in private homes can not be estimated.

The Red Cross, the American Legion, police and civic organizations are joining in caring for the homeless.

Hundreds of persons were left destitute by the floods, especially in the sections of the city where the water crept into the homes, forced the dwellers to flee and either washed away furniture or ruined it.

The water began rising early Sunday morning. The flood reached its peak at a late hour Sunday night, then began receding slowly.

Reports that another rise in the river would reach the city during the next twenty-four hours were believed untrue here, as no reports of especially high waters to the north have been received.

Although the damage will reach several hundred thousand dollars, there is no way of estimating the loss, rescue workers said.