Bartlesville, OK Flood, Oct 1926

Ice Plant,Bartlesviille, Oklahoma Flood, October 1926 Tuxedo Road, Bartlesviille, Oklahoma Flood, October 1926 Bartlesviille, Oklahoma Flood, October 1926 Interurban Tracks, Bartlesviille, Oklahoma Flood, October 1926

Only One Death.

The only known death attributable to the flood of the Caney River was that of Will CLARK, 30, an invalid. Reports that Ike INGUS had been drowned in the stream could not be confirmed.

Salvation Army workers said that CLARK died shortly after he had been removed from his home in the flooded district Sunday night and taken to a church. His death was believed to have resulted from shock.

The Bartlesville Light and Power Company plant was forced to shut down as the water ran several feet deep into it. The city is being furnished with light from a cement company plant at Dewey.

Water for drinking purposes is available although its use is being curtailed.

Ice, too, is almost unobtainable. The ice company's plant was inundated and had not resumed operation this morning. The only ice sold is the slender reserve stock of the plant.

The gas supply from the Osage country was interrupted.

A milk famine was apparent Monday. Trains from the North East and South were unable to reach the city.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 5 Oct 1926