Forney, OK Storm, Oct 1912


Killed by Falling Limb; Heavy Precipitation General Throughout State.

Heavy rain and wind storms which visited Oklahoma City Wednesday afternoon and night were general throughout the state. Nearly an inch precipitation was registered in Oklahoma City. Snow is reported in the Panhandle district, and hail accompanied the heavy downpour in many Oklahoma counties. Everywhere there was a great drop in temperature.

In spite of the heavy storm, only one fatality had been reported in the state at 2 o'clock Thursday morning. Mrs. Etta Cobb, wife of J. A. Cobb of Forney, was killed instantly by a limb blown from a tree in a field near her home Wednesday afternoon.

The storm first struck Oklahoma City about 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Low, heavy clouds came out of the north and the mercury dropped ten degrees in an hour. It became so dark lights were necessary everywhere, a number of automobiles turning on their lights. Then the downpour and after that the clouds became thinner and the sun was visible for several minutes. Other sudden drenchers visited the city during the evening, the last and most severe at 10:30. This was accompanied by an electrical storm which damaged phones and electrical lights north of Main street.

More rain is predicted for Thursday.

The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK 31 Oct 1912