Coweta, OK. Young Mother Drowns, July 13, 1924.

Times-Star Newspaper- Coweta, OK. July, 1924

MEETS DEATH IN VERDIGRIS- Swimming Party Results Fatally for Young Coweta Woman

Mrs. Gertha Stroud, age 26, wife of Roy Stroud met sudden death last Sunday afternoon (July 13, 1924), while swimming in the Verdigris River, east of Coweta ,OK.
Mr. and Mrs. Stroud with their two boys ages 3 and 5, had been in the water for some time when Roy told his wife to send the boys out,which she did. Then she asked Roy to teach her to swim.
He was attempting to do this when they reached a point in the river where the current was swift and the water deep.
Apparently, Mrs. Stroud then became frightened, with the result that Roy was forced under and he came near being drowned himself. Aided by his brother-in-law who was a member of the party, Roy got his wife out of the water within a few moments, but efforts to resuscitate her were unavailing. It is believed that her heart failed her from fright as she showed no signs of life whatever.
Funeral services were conducted Wednesday by Rev. D.E. Gambrell at the A. Kelley home after which remains were laid to rest in the Vernon Cemetery.
A host of friends join the Times-Star in extending sympathy to Mr. Stroud, his two little boys (Delbert, age 5 and Homer, age 3), and others bereft by the untimely passing of this wife and mother.