Lake Texoma, OK Lightning strike, Apr 1950

Lightning Kills Man At Lake Texoma

DURANT, Okla., April 29. (AP) - A bolt of lightning struck and killed an El Paso man fishing on Lake Texoma Saturday and seriously burned his companion.

Sid Turpin, 37, was dead before he was brought to shore by three other men fishing nearby. S. W. Williams, 35, also of El Paso, is hospitalized here.

Dave Herron said he and two other men were in a boat some 30 feet away when the lightening [sic] struck.

"Fire shot out of both their bodies," he said.

The Big Spring Daily Herald, Big Spring, TX 30 Apr 1950


Sid Turpin was born in 1904 making him 46 at the time of death

Sid Turpin, 46, was killed Saturday afternoon when a bolt of lightning struck his boat on Lake Texoma.

Turpin, who for several years ran the Sid Turpin Service station, 1217 South Rock Island Ave. had moved to Lake Texoma only a month ago to set up a resort.

Turpin and Albert L. Williams, who moved from El Reno to help Turpin were on the lake during an electrical storm.

Williams was also hit by lightning, but was not killed. Williams was an attendant at the service station before it was sold.

Murray Baker, relative of Turpin, was notified of the accident at 7 p.m. He said the accident occurred an hour earlier.

Mrs. Turpin had moved to Lake Texoma with her husband. Two children, Sidney Turpin and Edith Pearl Palmer , both live in Pomona, Calif.

Williams was taken to a Durant hospital where he regained consciousness at 9 a. m.
Mrs. Williams who was living with an aunt, Mrs. Floyd Phillips, left for Durant late Saturday.

Correction to age of Sid Turpin

Sid Turpin, my father in law whom I'd never met was actually 46 years of age, I have a copy of the original newspaper clipping in my possession.