Dunnville, ON Victoria Hotel Fire, Jan 1969


Dunnville, Ont. (UPI) -- Firemen, police and volunteer workers dug into the charred rubble of the Victoria Hotel today, seeking the bodies of victims of "the fastest fire Dunnville has ever seen." Two persons were known to have been killed, four were injured, and at least 14 more were missing and feared dead.
Three other buildings in this Niagara Peninsula town were heavily damaged by the roaring flames which destroyed the 63-year-old hotel before dawn Sunday. The fire towered 60 feet in the air, lighting up the town "like a sunrise."
Parts of two bodies, too badly burned to be identifiable, were recovered Sunday. It was uncertain how many of the hotel's 43 residents were in the building when it burned.
Police Chief GEORGE ROWE said 16 or 17 persons remained unaccounted for late Sunday.
NORMAN GREER, 20, on his way home at 3 a.m. Sunday after spending Saturday evening with friends, stopped by the police station to say he had seen a "glow" in a second-floor window at the Victoria.
Moments later, a shattering explosion ripped through the hotel and flames roared skyward. By the time firemen arrived, the building was an inferno.

The Weirton Daily Times West Virginia 1969-01-27