Pendleton, OR (near) Bomber Crashes, Mar 1942


Pendleton, Ore., March 16. (AP) -- An army bomber crashed in the Pacific northwest mountains today, killing all ten men aboard.
They died in the bomber which shattered itself on a peak, 20 miles south of here.
A rescue party from Pendleton air base reached the bomber near here this evening. It reported the plane crashed into the Blue Mountain range at full speed caroming from the peak to another more than a mile away.
Wreckage was strewn over a small valley.
The bodies were scattered.
Colonel Frank A. Wright, base commander, said those aboard, all killed, were:
Second Lieutenant LAWLER C. NEIGHBORS, Goodwater, Ala., pilot.
Second Lieutenant JOHN L. BAILEY, Evansville, Ind., co-pilot.
Second Lieutenant GLENN R. METSKER, St. Helens, Ore.
Staff Sergeant WELDON G. WILSON, Montoursville, Pa., engineer.
Sergeant FRANK B. GILLIS, Beverly, Mass., co-engineer.
Corporal JAMES T. MUTCHTER, Falls City, Texas, radio operator.
Corporal GEORGE R. HALL, Aldenbridge, La.
Sergeant CHARLES C. PARSON, Duquoin, Illinois.
Sergeant RAYMOND J. PAVEGILO, Concord, N.H.
Corporal FRANK H. SPOONER, III, New Bedford, Mass.
Colonel Wright said the bomber was on a routine night flight.
A crash crew of 21 men and doctors sent from the Pendleton air base, reached the wreck site early today.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1942-03-17