Medford, OR Two Plane Collision, May 1949


Medford, Ore., May 4. - (AP) - A mid-air collision of two light planes killed two persons and injured three others yesterday.
Killed in the crash of one plane were Warrant Officer WILLIAM P. BARKLEY of the 1905th AACF Squadron here, and a woman tentatively identified as MRS. MARY A. THOMPSON, believed to be from Willow Creek, Calif.
Three forest service men were injured in the second craft. It glided, despite a damaged wing, for two miles before striking a power line and plummeting into a shed.
The occupants were Pilot CAL FERRIS, San Francisco; MEL MISSALL, Santa Barbara, Calif.; and TOM BIGLOW, Yreka, Calif. BIGLOW was the most seriously injured. All are in a hospital here.
Witnesses said the rented plane piloted by the warrant officer appeared to bank into the path of the Forest Service plane. The tail assembly of the former was knocked loose and the plane plunged to earth, but did not burn.
The Forest Service plane was demolished, but its fall was broken by the impact against the power line.

News Review Roseburg Oregon 1949-05-04