Halsey, OR Fire, Aug 1921


Hundreds of Tons of Hay in Conflagration---Had Little Insurance


Fear Felt That Business Section Would be Wiped Out

A fire of unknown origin which started in the O. W. FRUM warehouse at Halsey at 8 o'clock Sunday night completely destroying the structure and for a time threatened to wipe out the business section of the city. The contents consisted of approximately 1100 tons of bailed hay, about ten tons of grain and several pieces of machinery. A box car on the Southern Pacific railroad was also destroyed. It is estimated that the loss was in the neighborhood of $15,000 with only light insurance on the building and contents.

It is believed that the flames resulted from spontaneous combustion and probably the only thing that saved the other buildings in the business section was the galvanized iron roof of the warehouse. Streams of water were kept on the adjoining buildings and while they were smoking considerable they did not burst into flames.

Calls for help were sent to other towns and Brownsville, Harrisburg and Corvallis responded. Fire Chief MILLER of the Brownsville department was at home when the call came and he immediately with the assistance of a number of local men loaded the hose cart onto the truck owned by JESS CROMER and the trip made to Halsey with as little delay as possible. Arriving at the fire it was found that nothing could be accomplished, however as the hydrants at Halsey were smaller than the Brownsville hose. This was also the case with Corvallis and Harrisburg.

One person was injured by the fire, WILL KIRK of Halsey was knocked down by a live wire and while he was severly burned he was not seriously injured.

Brownsville Times, Brownsville, OR 19 Aug 1921