Harrisburg, PA Air Force Plane Crash, Oct 1958


Harrisburg (AP) -- A twin-engine C47 Air Force plane crashed Wednesday into a fog-shrouded mountain two miles from its destination during a driving rainstorm, killing four crew members and two military passengers.
The plane, flying on instruments through the rain and overcast, smashed into the tip of the 700-foot mountain, tore through 150 feet of dense woods and then flipped over and burned.
All of the bodies were found pinned in the smouldering wreckage.
Air Force officials said these men were aboard the plane and were killed in the crash.
Capt. E. D. KOSSICK, pilot, of Struthers, Ohio.
Lt. J. O. McMICHAEL, copilot, of Cotton Valley, La.
Airman 2C WILLIAM C. BAILEY, flight engineer, of Williamston, N.C.
Lt.Col. J. F. TRACY, navigator, Worcester, Mass.
And these passengers:
Sgt. C. D. JOLLEY, of Buzzards Bay, Mass.
Sgt. S. W. CHRISTIAN, of New Haven, Conn.
Officials said all the men were stationed at Perrin Air Force Base, Denison, Tex.
The craft, on a routine cargo flight from Perrin AFB, Denison, Tex., to Olmsted AFB, a few miles from Harrisburg, was torn to pieces by the impact and the mountainside slide.

The Morning Herald Uniontown Pennsylvania 1958-10-23