Barnesboro, PA Private Plane Crash, Aug 1959


Indiana, Pa. (UPI) -- Ten-year-old BARBARA ANN WESTOVER and her sister, REHA, 9, Barnesboro RD, were enjoying a picnic with their parents Sunday on the W. F. Wagner farm.
They frolicked and were having fun as children will on a family outing when they saw a distant relative, WILLIAM E. GOSS, 35, Hillsdale, Indiana County.
GOSS, an experienced pilot, had brought his small plane, an Aeronca Champ, to Cherry Tree Airport near the Wagner farm, about 25 miles northeast of this Indiana County Community.
The girls asked GOSS for a ride. He agreed.
The plane circled the farm a couple of times and was coming in for a landing as the parents of the children -- MR. and MRS. DARYL WESTOVER -- watched from the nearby picnic site.
Suddenly the plane hit nose first in the field. The firls and GOSS were killed instantly.
County Coroner Russell Gardner said undetermined trouble developed just before the attempted landing. State police began an investigation.

Cumberland Evening Times Maryland 1959-08-17