Latrobe, PA (near) Plane Crash, Oct 1943


Midshipman TOM GREEN, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Green, Evansville, was killed Saturday when the plane in which he was riding exploded over Pittsburgh, Pa., as the youth was enroute to the University of Virginia, where he is a member of the boxing squad, after spending a few days leave with his parents.
The parents who said they have been notified of the accident by the navy department, gave details of the crash to The State Journal.
Officials at the U.S. Navy air station at Bunker Hill, Ind., Saturday night announced that four men were believed killed in the crash of a plane enroute from the station to Greensburg, Pa.
In the plane were:
Lieut. EARL E. CAULKINS, USNR, Logansport, Ind.
Capt. E. J. WOOD, USMCR, Logansport, Ind.
ROBERT A GURLEY, naval ROTC cadet at the University of Virginia, son of Capt. D. D. Gurley, commandant of the station, Kokomo.
THOMAS GREEN, naval ROTC cadet at the Virginia school, Evansville.
(United Press reported that a navy plane crashed and burned Saturday near Latrobe, Pa., killing four men. The wreckage and the four bodies, charred beyond recognition, were found by a hunter. Cause of the crash has not been officially determined.)
Identification will be verified and details announced later, according to officials at the station.
GREEN was graduated from Evansville high school in 1942 as undefeated boxing champion in the 127-pound class.
As a freshman at the University of Virginia, he boxed here on Feb. 26 and lost to the Badger's Johnny Collentine in the 135-pound class. A delegation of Evansville persons attended the match.
He is survived only by his parents.

Wisconsin State Journal Madison 1943-10-31