Mt. Alton, PA Nitro Explosion, Feb 1890


Mt. Alton, Penn. -- Last Tuesday morning a terrible nitro-glycerine explosion occurred near Mt. Alton, McKean County, killing two men --
W. H. McHENRY and ALEX. CARMAN, of Bradford, both well known "oil well shooters."
They were going to Alton to shoot a well, and while unloading their wagons the terrible explosion occurred -- no one known how.
The Era says pieces of human flesh and shreds of clothing were to be seen on the ground and clinging to the limbs of trees in all directions. A round hole torn in the earth, 16 feet in diameter and three feet deep, showed where the explosion had occurred. Twenty feet from the hole stood two trembling, bleeding horses. They had in their fright started to run, but a beech stump was in their way, and the exle coming in contact with it held them in check. Two cans of glycerine stood on the ground between the wagon and the hole. They were intact, and why they were not blown up with the others is one of those mysteries that cannot be explained. The force of the explosion broke into pieces and removed bodily the large tree alongside of which the cans were placed by the ill-fated shooters. Why McHENRY'S horses were not killed is another question not easily answered. McHENRY was aged, about 45 years and leaves a wife and children. CARMAN was aged about 55 years and leaves a wife.

Wellsboro Agitator Pennsylvania 1890-02-04