Cresson, PA Private Plane Crashes, Oct 1955


Ebensburg, Pa., Oct. 2 (AP) -- An airplane barely missed a house and crashed in the backyard of the Joseph Wernz property at nearby Cresson today, killing the pilot, JEROME KERNEY, 28, of Erie. He was alone in the plane.
J. Harrison Boland, an employe at the Cresson Airport said KERNEY banked his plane too steep and lost the necessary speed to land on the airport runaway.
The Wernz property is separated from the airport by a single lot. The airport is operated by Harold J. Boland, father of the employe.
KERNEY died in Mercy Hospital dispensary at Altoona about 25 minutes after he was admitted.
The crash occurred in the same vicinity where a Piper cub airplane smashed up yesterday, killing Clarence Willliam McGarvey, 49, of St. Charles, Mo. KERNEY was flying a Cessna airplane.
The Erie pilot was en route to Philadelphia from Erie. Boland said the plane's nose and left wing dug into the ground. The plane was demolished. It did not burn.
McGarvey's plane crashed about 2 1/2 miles west of Ebensburg. Today's crash occurred about 7 miles east of Ebensburg.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1955-10-03