Elwood, PA Circus Performer's Parachute Doesn't Open, May 1910


Parachute Did Not Open Until Near the Ground.

PITTSBURG, May 21.--Five thousand persons saw Oscar Leroy, of Percy, Okla., an aeronaut with a circus, fall two thousand feet through the air today at Elwood, Pa., near here and escapes with his life, his only injury being a broken leg. Leroy had made a balloon ascent, but his parachute, soaked with rain, refused to open until the aeronaut had almost reached the ground.

An hour later while the performance was in progress the grand stand section of seats collapsed, carrying down women and children. Then the tent fell over the struggling people but while many were thrown into but while many were thrown into hysterics none sustained serious injury. The fire department and circus attaches rescued those buried beneath the water soaked canvas.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 22 May 1910