Five Children Dead in Powder Explosion - Industry, PA

The Brownstown Banner newspaper, Brownstown, IN
Thursday 10 July 1890; Page 2, Column 4

Of the Seven Injured in the Powder Explosion at Industry, PA

A keg containing fifty pounds of powder exploded in August Smith's grocery store at Industry, near Scott Haven, PA, Saturday evening, completely wrecking the building and injuring seven children.

The explosion was caused by sparks from a Jackson cracker, which exploded prematurely in the hands of August Smith, Jr., aged fourteen years. The store was a resort for children, and at the time of the accident a large number were present firing crackers.

Five of the seven little victims of the powder explosion have died. Their names are:

August Smith, Jr., aged fourteen; his nineteen-months-old sister, Mary; George and Willie Kaylor, aged respectively eight and six years, and John Brennan, aged ten years.

Willie Kaylor lived till Sunday afternoon, suffering fearfully until death relieved him. The other four died before midnight Saturday night.

Emma Smith, aged nine years, and Charlie Shaw, aged eight years, the other victims, will recover.

The father of young Brennan is crazed with grief, and tried to kill Smith, the owner of the building where the powder was stored. Sunday morning he wandered away from home and he was found near Elizabeth, PA, seven miles from Industry. A close watch is now being kept over him.

The coroner's jury rendered a verdict in accordance with the facts and condemned the practice of merchants keeping powder and other explosives where children have access to them. Mr. Smith had been warned about the danger of keeping his powder under the counter, but failed to heed the warnings, and, many harsh words were said against him, notwithstanding the loss of his two children and his wrecked house.

August Smith, Jr.
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Mary Smith
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George Kaylor
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Willie Kaylor
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John Brennan
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