Clarks Ferry, PA Train Wreck and Fire, Nov 1926


Load of Hams Scattered; Car of Foods Demolished


When a fast preference freight, southbound, on the Northern Central Railroad crashed into the rear of a slow freight at the point of Peter's Mountain, Clarks Ferry, the crew of the first leaped to safety.

A carload of flour on the preference freight caught fire, another car, loaded with hams, was demolished and strewn over the countryside and a car loaded with Ford automobiles was demolished.  Eight cars of miscellaneous freight on the slow-moving train were scattered over both tracks, blocking all traffic.

The crash occurred about 4:30 o'clock this morning. The brakes of the faster-moving freight did not hold and it bore down on the slower-moving train as its engineer sounded the whistle, which warned the occupants of the cabin, and they were enabled to jump to safety.

The Dauphin fire department made a quick run to the wreck, and, by pumping water from the old canal, succeeded in quenching the flames.  The wreck occurred about 200 yards south of a wreck last week that blocked the State road through the Clarks Ferry Narrows.

The trains were in charge of Williamsport and Sunbury Division crews.  On the engine of the second train was Fred L. Meginnis, engineer; I. W. Hair, fireman, and

E. G. Adkin, conductor.  The cause of the wreck has not been ascertained.

William Williams, operator at the Speeceville tower could see the wreck from his post and when the flames from the burniing [sic] flour car which had piled up on top of the cabin of the first train, flared into the sky he summoned the Dauphin fire department.

H. M. Reed drove the Dauphin pumper to the blaze and the volunteer who made the run with the apparatus included Frank Michaels, Clyde Garman, Aaron Bailey, Paul Welker and several others.

Harrisburg Telegraph, Harrisburg, PA 13 Nov 1926