Lancaster, PA Private Plane Crash, Aug 1967


Lancaster, Pa. (AP) - "I saw red, white and blue marking on the plane, and I knew what was happening."
"It was coming right at me," said Kenneth J, Granbois Friday, after a small twin-engine plane smashed into his home during a violent thunderstorm, killing all three aboard.
Granbois and his wife, Margaret, both 62, were not injured.
The plane, en route from Danbury, Conn., to North Carolina apparently
was struck by lightning and just missed hitting St. Joseph's Hospital, police said.
Granbois said he was standing just inside the front door and his wife was in the living room when the plane hit.
"I saw the plane coming right at me but I didn't recognize it for what it was at first," Granbois said. "I saw something spinning around and later I found it was a wing tore off the plane in the air."
'I waited and watched until just before it hit, and then I closed the front door and stepped back a few feet," he said.
The plane hit Granbois' glass-enclosed porch and some pillars only a brick wall away from the living room.
Danbury, Conn. police said the plane was piloted by MRS. JANE NISBITT of Waxhow, N.C. and carried LEWIS AHLBORN and his wife, BARBARA. Police said AHLBORN was master at Kent School in Kent, Conn., while his wife was a pianist and a former correspondent for the Danbury News Times.
Police said the plane left Danbury Airport at 5:45 p.m. for North Carolina.
Bits of wreckage were scattered as far as nine blocks from the crash scene, police said. The crash also knocked out telephone and electrical service in the area.

Shamokin News-Dispatch Pennsylvania