Lancaster, PA Private Plane Crash, Apr 1982


Lancaster, Pa. - At least one person was killed Friday night when a twin-engine plane crashed into an alfalfa field about one-quarter mile short of the Donegal Springs Airpark runway, a newspaper
The plane's engine was making a sound "like firecrackers," and a thin trail of smoke was seen trailing from the aircraft seconds before a dull thud was heard about 8:40 p.m. when the plane disappeared into the crop-covered field, witnesses told the Lancaster Intelligencer.
Police could not confirm the number of victims in the craft because of the severe damage. An eight-foot section of the plane's tail was the only recognizable piece visible.
Officer Anthony Clements of the Susquehanna Regional Police Department said an initial check of the aircraft identification number revealed that it was based at Wings Airport, north of Philadelphia.
Harold Frey was near the scene at the time of the crash.
"It was just creamed," he said.
"That piece of the tail was upside down and the body was there."
Federal investigators were to arrive today to attempt to determine the cause of the crash.
The last fatal crash in Lancaster County was on Nov. 29, 1976 when Charles Porta's six-seat Cessna 205 crashed shortly after takeoff from McGuiness Airport near Columbia. Porta was from Wrightsville.

Indiana Gazette Pennsylvania 1982-04-21