East Berlin, PA Private Plane Crash, Nov 1980



Adams County coroner Robert S. Lefever identified the dead as DR. WARREN C. MARSHALL II, a Fredericksburg, Va. physician, and an adult woman and a young girl approximately 13 years of age.
An official with the Air Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg told the Times that the plane, piloted by DR. MARSHALL, left the airport about 7:15 this morning. There was no report on the plane's destination, though the spokesman believed MARSHALL was traveling with his wife and daughter.

Three people were killed when their single-engine airplane crashed in a Hamilton Township corn field roughly one mile north of the Pine Run Road this morning about 9.
State Police at the scene had no identification for the three bodies that were trapped in the mangled wreckage. Trooper Samuel Fryer of the Gettysburg barracks said he had no clues as to what caused the crash, and was unable to offer any information about the owner of the aircraft or its occupants, other than a West Virginia license had been found in the debris.
An official at the Federal Aviation Office in Oklahoma City, Okla., said that the plane was registered in February of this year to WARREN C. MARSHALL II of Fredericksburg, Va.
A spokesman for the regional FAA office in Harrisburg said he had not obtained any information about the persons in the crash, and said the last registration he could trace was to a Maryland resident, though it was likely prior to the MARSHALL'S ownership.
Harold King of East Berlin, R.2, saw the airplane crash in the field and said the craft fell from the air much "like a stone that someone would throw and watch fall back
King said he did not believe that the plane lost its power, and explained that he heard the engine running shortly before it hit the earth.
The plane hit in a field owned by King's mother-in-law, Betty Nell, also of East Berlin, R.2.
Although no positive identification on the bodies has yet been made, a fireman at the scene believed that they were that of a man and woman.
Joseph Notarian of the FCC office in Harrisburg said an inspector from National Transportation Safety Board will arrive today to investigate the crash, gathering information for the board's review.
He said late this morning that he had no firm information about the crash, but that he expected more would be available this afternoon.
Notarian said the plane was a Piper PA-20 aircraft, and he said that the registration he had on file was with a Maryland resident, though he noted that his information might be outdated.

Gettysburg Times Pennsylvania 1980-11-26