York, PA Head On Auto Crash Kills Seven, Jul 1957


York, Pa. (AP) - Seven persons were killed today when two cars crashed head-on on the Lincoln Highway about four miles west of here in York County. Two others were seriously injured.
Police said the crash occurred as the two cars were en route to and from places of work in York County.
Three men and three women died instantly in the crash along U.S. 30. Another woman died about two hours later in West Side Hospital of York.
Hospital attendants said one of the other two injured was in critical condition. All suffered internal injuries.

Worst Crash In County.
York County state police said this probably was the highest death toll in that county in a single accident. State records show that eight were known to have died in one accident last year in Lawrence County.
State Trooper Paul Petzar identified the dead as:
DELTA HOKE, 52, Abbottstown, internal injuries, died in hospital;
DEAN DIEHL, 23, East Berlin Rt. 2, who suffered a fractured neck and cuts of the face, arms and body.
His father, GEORGE E. DIEHL, 50, Abbottstown, Rt. 1, fractured skull, compound fractures of both legs and a crushed arm.
MARTHA GLATFELTER, 50, Abbottstown, fractures of the skull and left thigh.
NORMAN SAUER, Hanover, fractured skull and compound fracture of the left leg.
ELSIE L. KLINEDINST, Hanover, fractured skull and cuts of the face and body.
NAOMI I. RUDISILL, Hanover, fractured skull and fractured left leg.
The injured:
DEAN DIEHL'S wife, MARY 23, internal injuries and a compound fracture of the right leg;
DELTA HOKE, 52, Abbottstown, internal injuries;
ESTHER A. NOEL, 51, Hanover, internal injuries.

Collided At 6:20.
Petzar said vehicles operated by DEAN DIEHL and SAUER collided at 6:20 a.m. on the three-lane highway. Traffic was blocked more than an hour.
Diehl was driving his father, wife and the Glatfelter and Hoke women to work. The others were en route home from work with Sauer.
Diehl, Sauer and the Glatfelter woman, were dead on arrival at York Hospital. Diehl's father and the Klinedinst and Rudisill women were dead on arrival at West Side Osteopathic Hospital in York.
Mrs. Diehl and Miss Noel were admitted to York Hospital. The Hoke woman was taken to the West Side Hospital.
Veteran state troopers at the York Barracks said the crash took more lives than any other traffic accident in York County history.
They said one driver had to be pried loose from the inside of the car where he had become wedged behind the steering mechanism. None of the dead or injured was thrown from the cars.
"All we really know is that the two cars crashed near the center of the highway. It is hard to say exactly what happened," one said.

May Have Lost Control.
Lester J. Sell, York County Coroner, said the car driven by Sauer was en route from the Tioga Silk Mill in York carrying night shift workers to their homes.
He said the other vehicle was carrying workers from the outskirts of York to their places of employment in the city.
Sell said Diehl probably lost control of his car when bright sun shined into his face as he traveled along the straight, three-lane road.
He said all the dead "probably were killed instantly."
Both cars were demolished but neither vehicle caught fire after the crash.
Trooper Paul Peizar, of the Pennsylvania State Police, joined Coroner Sell to the theory that sun temporarily blinded Diehl.
Traffic was delayed along the route for almost 30 minutes while police and volunteer workers cleared away the wreckage.
Sell said Mrs. Diehl was in serious condition and Delta Hoke was critical. Miss Noel, he said, was in fair condition. The crash occurred about 6:20 a.m.

Gettysburg Times Pennsylvania 1957-07-16