Columbia, PA Terrible Trolley Crash, Aug 1896

Aug 9, 1896 WORST TROLLEY WRECK neal Columbia PA

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HENRY SMITH, of Columbia, was found dead with a piece of wood piercing one eye and his neck broken. The most curious matter connected with his death is the fact that his body was found lying fully a hundred and fifty feet beyond the spot where the car lay. How he got there is a mystery, unless on the supposition that he got out of the wreck and then crawled to the spot where he was found. Deceased was 28 years of age and was employed at the Columbia Rolling Mill.
Motorman FOEHLINGER and WILLIAM H. PINKERTON, both of Columbia, were found dead under the front platform of the car, pinned down so tightly that their bodies were taken out with difficulty. PINKERTON was the young son of John Pinkerton, of No. 345 Walnut Street.
W. J. LUDLOW, aged thirty years, one of the first to be taken to the hospital, died shortly after his entrance there. He was manager of the Atlantic Fish Company, and his home is at Sea Grit, N.J. His friends were promptly notified of his death.
WM. METZGER, of Columbia, who had both limbs broken, died at the hospital at 2 o'clock this morning.
The deceased motorman was twenty-five years of age, and he leaves a wife and two children. He had been in the service of the company about three years, employed at various duties, and utilized at times as a special motorman.
The deceased BURGESS was one of Columbia's best known citizens. He was an active Republican and served several years as Chief Burgess, being a most efficient officer. He was formerly a member of the hardware firm of Heise & Kauffman. A wife, but no children, survives. He was fifty-six years of age and was born near Columbia.

The Injured.
A list of those who were injured is given below. The names of a number who were only slightly hurt and who were not taken to the hospital could not be learned:
CYRUS STRAYER, a boy, of Lancaster Avenue, Columbia, face and body cut, seriously injured internally, unconscious and may die.
MISS ELSIE FITZGERALD, 514 Woodward Street, Lancaster, severe cut of the left ear and back of head, jaw fractured. Condition serious.
JOHN E. CARLSON, 263 South Fourth Street, Columbia, double fracture of left leg.
BENJAMIN WOLF, 553 Walnut Street, Columbia, three ribs broken, compound fracture of right wrist, fracture of left leg and head cut.
M. E. DAVIDSON, 122 North Eighth Street, Columbia, severely cut on the right side of the head, ear and hand.
WM. STAUFFER, aged fourteen years, of 249 1/2 North Queen Street, Lancaster, hands and head cut and body badly bruised.
MRS. MARIA STAUFFER, mother of the above, dangerously cut on the ear, neck and head. Removed, with her son, to St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster.
LAFAYETTE SAYLOR, of Columbia, one rib broken.
ALVIN HERSHEY, Newtown, head cut.
MARY and ALICE BRADLEY, Philadelphia, cut and bruised about the body.
ALICE AHEARNE, cut and bruised.
SAMUEL WIKE, Columbia, ribs broken on left side, arm cut and cut over left eye.
JOHN H. TRAGESSER, Lancaster, shoulder blade broken and cut on head. Removed to St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster.
MAGGIE CONLEY, Columbia, cut about the head, arm broken and shoulder dislocated.
KATIE MEISENBACH, Lancaster, head cut.
LIZZIE BENDER, 465 South Duke Street, Lancaster, left shoulder injured.
ALBERT NULL, arm and side hurt.
RALPH ESHLEMAN, Columbia, right arm sprained and badly bruised, hand cut.
AMBROSE DAVIDSON, Columbia, head cut.
WILLIAM CULHANE, Marietta, cut about fact; badly bruised.
CHARLES RINEHART, left arm and hip injured.
MRS. GEORGE RINEHART, shoulders and back badly bruised.
GEORGE L. HERMAN, Lancaster, head and arm cut.
MISS CHRISTINA ELSON, Lancaster, cut on wrist.
SUSAN SHOLL, Bainbridge, arm cut; head and face cut.
JENNIE LIST, Columbia, head and face cut and badly bruised.
KATE BRINKMAN, Fremont Street, Lancaster, body badly cut and bruised.
TILLIE McKENZIE, Lancaster, arm and ribs broken.
FRANCES and EMMA McKENZIE, Lancaster, faces cut.
SAMUEL SMITH, left knee cut.
CLAYTON MOHN, head and face bruised; hurt internally.