Mertztown, PA Boiler Explosion, Nov 1890


Three Men Killed and a Number Seriously Injured.

READING, Pa., November 17.
A frightful boiler explosion and loss of life occurred at the cooper works of Trexler & Bro., at Mertztown, this county, at 6 o'clock this morning, caused, it is said, by a defective boiler. The killed were CHARLES OSWALD, machinist, aged 36, who leaves a widow and five children: HENRY EPLER, aged 24, single, and SASSAMAN HILBERT, aged 32, who leaves a widow. The injured are CHARLES WALBORN, a painter, aged 35, fatally; SAMUEL EPLER, aged 43, badly scalded about hands and face; ALFRED EPLER, aged 28, engineer, slightly injured; FREDERICK LONG, aged 14, seriously scalded about face and legs; CHARLES BORTZ, aged 20, scalded about face and hands; JAMES BAUSHER, aged 40, received two ugly gashes in the head, very serious; PIUS BAUSHER, aged 13, scalded about face and body; WILLIAM REPPORT, aged 30, terribly scalded about the face. The boiler was thirty feet long and was torn into three pieces, one of which, twenty-three feet long, was hurled a distance of one hundred and fifty yards. The three men killed were thrown one hundred and forty feet away and lay side by side. The bodies were not much mutilated. The injured were found in the debris and removed to their homes. The mill was only partially wrecked, but the boiler house and shed are a mass of ruins, including the engine. The loss to the firm is estimated at $3,500. The works were owned by E. and O. H. TREXLER.

Brooklyn Eagle New York 1890-11-17

Transcribers note: .. this one is of particular interest to me .. I was born about 3 miles from Mertztown Pennsylvania where this took place ... It is a small town now ... and I am sure was back then ... The names ,, OSWALD EPLER HILBERT BORTZ, etc ... are all good ole Pennsylvania Dutch names .... Trexler Furniture is still made in the vicinity ...