Philadelphia, PA Heat Wave Kills 5, Jul 1908


Despite the Relief Brought by Breezes Heat Kills Five.

Prostrations Believed to Be Due to Strain of Preceding Hot Days---Humidity Lower.

With a drop in the temperature measuring eight degrees, as compared with the maximum of the previous day, a corresponding decrease in humidity and the prevalence of refreshing breezes, a welcome relief from the torridity of the preceding days came to the city yesterday.

Despite the change more deaths and prostrations, due to the strain of the preceding days, were recorded.


JAMES HAZLETT, 64 years, 1738 Newkirk street, died in the Samaritan Hospital.
JAMES KELLY, 54 years, rear of 1311 Ogden street, died at home.
MINNIE FAGHLEY, 4 months, 2304 Steward street, died at home.
MORRIS SHEA, 50 years, 103 Naudain, was found dead at 309 South Fourth street.
MARY GRIFFIN, 42 years, of 3216 North Fifth street, died in Jewish Hospital.

Lying amid the tall grass on the edge of a thick wood about two miles this side of Ambler, late yesterday afternoon, a rather shabbily dressed man was found by two men bound for this city with a load of hay. They jumped down from their wagon and tried to arouse the man.

When it became apparent that the man was unconscious and not asleep as the men had at first supposed, they managed to get his limp form to the top of the load of hay. It was their intention to ask the services of the first physician whose place they passed. Half a mile had been traversed, the men say, when the man seemed to be regaining consciousness. Suddenly, when the man who was on top of the load of hay with him was looking in another direction, the man gave a turn, at the same time the wagon wheels sunk in a rut and the man was thrown several feet to the hard road.

When he was picked up his right leg hung limp and he had again lapsed into utter unconsciousness. The man was brought to the Jewish Hospital, where it was said that his condition was serious. He had been prostrated by the heat, the physicians said, and his leg had been broken when he fell from the top of the hay wagon. At a late hour last night he had not yet regained consciousness.

Many Prostrated

Mary Davis, 64 years of age and William Davis, her son, 21 years of age, were both overcome by the heat at their home 908 North Third street, yesterday. They had both been greatly affected by the previous two weeks of warm weather and yesterday's heat, although not nearly as severe, was too much for them in their depressed condition. The son had been worn out, taking care of his aged parent. First, the mother went down and was removed to the hospital. The excitement over his mother's condition caused the young man to succumb and the ambulance was summoned an hour later to take him to the hospital.

The maximum temperature yesterday was 83 at 4 P. M., many degrees less than the maximum of the previous day, and the humidity was 80.7 at 8 A. M. and 41.7 at 8 P. M. The great drop in humidity by 8 o'clock last evening together with a drop in the mercury to 76 degrees, brought joy to a million people and the certainty of a night of good sleep.

The range of the mercury for the eighteen hours following midnight was interesting. The figures ran as follows:

80, 78, 78, 77, 76, 76, 76, 73, 75, 77, 79, 80, 81, 83, 82, 80.

William Harmouth, 26 years of age, 523 Porter street, was overcome by the heat and taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Joseph Leaf, 62 years of age, was prostrated at his home, 258 South Fifth street, and removed to Pennsylvania Hospital.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 9 Jul 1908