Philadelphia, PA Sugar Refinery Fire, Jul 1870

Disastrous Fire in Philadelphia----Loss Over $500,000---Nine Firemen Killed by a Falling Wall---

PHILADELPHIA, July 26.----An immense fire is raging in the heart of the City. The Pennsylvania Sugar Refinery of NEWHALL BROS. has been destroyed. The fire is spreading, defying the efforts of the firemen.

LATER.----The loss by the fire this evening is roughly estimated at $500,000. The sugar refinery of Messrs. NEWHALL, BORIE & Co. was seven stories high, filled with valuable machinery and a large stock of refined sugars. During the fire the rear wall fell on the adjoining building, crushing it, and carrying down nine firemen, all of whom are believed to be killed. All the surrounding buildings are much damaged. The roof of the leather store of J. F. HULZMAN, two blocks off, caught fire from sparks and burned off. The large factory of Messrs. MISKEY, MERRILL & SHACKARD, and the glass-house of Messrs. WHITAL & Co., adjoining the sugar-house, were on fire, but were saved.

The New York Times, New York, NY 27 Jul 1870