Biglerville, PA House Fire, Feb 1909


The new home of C. L. Longsdorff, in Biglerville, had a narrow escape from destruction by fire Wednesday evening when spontaneous combustion caused a blaze that threatened to become serious. The house is not completed and in the evening when Reuben Roth and Robert Riley were on their way home they noticed an unusual light in the building. They hurried to it and Mr. Roth, who has been working there as one of the carpenters, quickly gained access by the front door to which he had the key. They found that a hole had been burned in the North East corner room and the flames were making good headway. Quickly procuring water they soon had the flames extinguished. The fire was caused by waste, which the painers had thrown into a keg, becoming ignited by spontaneous combustion. The people of Bigler ville are again talking of the necessity of fire hose, the two fires which have occurred within a short while making people very anxious that protection be given.

Adams County News, Gettysburg, PA 6 Feb 1909